The RoboCrib® VX1000 has been designed to provide secure access for up to 1048 SKUs (unique items). Imagine this incredible capacity in a system that has only a 34” (86cm) x 39” (99cm) footprint. The variety of available bin sizes makes managing both small and large items a reality (carbide inserts, drill bits, spray cans, tape, safety glasses, air tools, welding tips, solder, welding tanks and more!). RoboCrib® can control access to products by item, employee or job. Further, the system has the capability to track “Lot Control” numbers, and serialized items.


  • 24-7 Availability with security and accountability
  • No Repackaging Required: Save time and money with every re-stock
  • Fastest Retrieval Time: Access any item in under 10 seconds!
  • Automates Purchase Orders: It even calculates the lead times
  • High-resolution 19” (48cm) Touch Display
  • Variable Bin Size: Customized to your exact needs
  • Vend almost any item, type, or size! - Issue large, small, or delicate items without item dropping!
  • Control Reconditioned Items: Force the use of reconditioned items first
  • Universal Search: Search for any item plant-wide
  • Gage Management: Deny access to a serialized gage that has fallen out of its calibration cycle
  • Multilingual: Support for other languages
  • Field Reconfigurable: Bin configurations for a variety of item sizes and optional field-configurable bins are available so you can easily change bin types with just one screw!
  • Full User Access Support: Supports proximity cards, key fobs, mag-stripe cards, barcodes, keypad/PINs
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs (453kg)
  • Configurations: Up to 1048 Bins SKUs (Unique Products)
  • Enclosure: 34”W (86cm) x 76”H (193cm) x 39”D (99cm)
  • Power: 100-240VAC– 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX
  • Optional: Caster wheels make it easy to relocate your machines where you want them
  • 12-month warranty


  • Over 200 standard reports!
  • or Client-Server: Cloud managed services or secured internal network
  • EDI: Advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI
  • ERP System Support: Interface with many popular ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Baan, etc…)
  • Alerts: Get inventory alerts, and send email reports to any smartphone, tablet, or computer