Welding Supplies and Equipment


Welding Machines

Get the best quality and best priced welding machines, including MIG Welders, Stick Welders, Multi Process Welders, and TIG Welders from industry-leading manufacturers such as Miller Electric, ESAB, and Lincoln Electric. MWSCO is ready to assist you in choosing the right welder for the job.


Fixturing Tables & Accessories

Welding fixture tables and clamps will get your work pieces set-up for precision fabrication and welding.


Filler Metals

Choosing the right filler metal to meet your performance expectations is made easy with the help of MWSCO’s team of experts. MWSCO offers a wide range of filler metals, including gas welding rods, MIG wire, stick electrodes, TIG rods, tubular wires and more.


Welding Cable & Leads

Welding Cable & Leads

MWSCO carries a wide variety of welding leads and welding cable sizes to fit your application.


Welding Helmets

MWSCO offers a wide range of welding hoods for the daily professional welder to the weekend warriors at home. From true-color lens technology to integrated PAPR and respiratory systems, we have the knowledge to choose the welding helmet best suited to your needs and style.


Weld Safety

Welding jackets, welding gloves, welding curtains, respiratory protection, eyewear, and more.