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MWSCO automation and robotics experts will ensure that your automation system delivers value to your business — providing local consulting, sales and support from a single, customer focused source. MWSCO offers automated welding robot integration solutions with premier partners such as Yaskawa, Miller, Panasonic, OTC, Victory, ArcLight Dynamics, Pandjiris, Koike, and Abicor Binzel, who specialize in automated robotic applications. 


  • Real World Simulation of cycle time and complete pre-programming to avoid downtime.
  • Cost Justification to identify and assess process and safety efficiencies. We can help build the ROI to show how quickly automation investments provide bottom line paybacks.


  • In-house or on-site training on robotics, hard automation, plasma systems, and weld quality.
  • Yaskawa/Motoman basic, advanced or customized programming training
  • Moto Sim simulation software training


  • Collaborate with a network of leading system integrators and application developers.
  • In-the-field expertise backed by OEM product support for your integration project along with programming support to maximize your process efficiency.


  • Comprehensive checklist designed to maintain performance. Minimize loss due to undetected issues.
  • Expert staff with the parts and equipment to keep you running.
  • Emergency Service
  • Start-up Service
  • Customized service packages (support blocks)


  • Experienced and knowledgeable engineers will install your new robot and control cabinet, hook-up cables and run through your initial industrial robotics automation setup.


  • Troubleshoot and diagnose problems.
  • Repair on your automated system that minimizes machine downtime and does not break the bank.
  • Emergency Service
AR-Series Welding Robots

AR-Series Welding Robots

Offering the highest payload, fastest speed and highest wrist allowable moment in their class, six-axis AR-series robots optimize productivity.

  • Increased output and product quality
  • Optimized process capability
  • Slim profile design
Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

Highly versatile and portable, HC-series cobots are ideal for a variety of tasks including machine tending, material handling, packaging and light assembly. Designed to work safely with, or in the same workspaces as humans, these six-axis human-collaborative robots meet established safety standards.

Weld Cells

Weld Cells

Yaskawa Motoman's ArcWorld® robotic welding systems are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and shipped ready to weld - delivering the most flexible and cost-effective options to integrate robotics into your welding processes. ArcWorlds can be configured with multiple robots, a heavy-duty positioner or servo-controlled external axes for coordinated motion.



Integrating welding fixtures and tracks into a broad range of robotic solutions. Positioners and transporters provide unmatched speed, accuracy, reliability and versatility for customers spanning diverse industries. Control technology with multi-tasking software allows coordination between multiple robots, base axes and multi-axis positioners.