Oxy-Fuel Equipment


Welding & Cutting Torch Outfits

Propane and Oxy/Acetylene torch kits include all the essentials you need in one convenient package. From light to extra heavy duty, there is a cutting and welding outfit suited for your cutting, welding, heating, or brazing needs.


Oxy-Fuel Specialty Outfits

Specialty soldering, brazing, and little torch outfits provide fast heat. The little torch produces a thread-thin flame hot enough to melt weldable metals, glass and ceramics. Caddy outfits offer a versatile system for brazing, soldering, welding, cutting, heating or soft flame applications.


Gas Regulators & Flowmeters

Reliable pressure control for your gas cylinder is essential. Specialty or industrial dual or single-stage gas cylinder regulators are available for light to heavy duty use. MWSCO offers a large selection of gas regulators and flowmeters for a wide range of applications.