Welding Supplies


Industrial Gases


Automation and Robotics


Welding Supplies and Equipment

Our range of welding supplies includes filler metals, oxy/fuel cutting and welding equipment, soldering and brazing supplies, MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, work benches and much more.

Industrial Gases

We are an independent supplier of industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, and hydrogen. From small gas cylinders to bulk systems, MWSCO is equipped to provide you the gas supply you need.

Power Tools

Our range of power tools includes finishing tools, bearing heaters, saws, magnetic drills, cordless tools, batteries and chargers, cutting tools, drilling and fastening tools, miscellaneous routing and trimming tools, heating tools and much more.

Cryogenics Engineering On-site Bulk Systems

When your gas consumption has grown to a larger volume we are a systems supplier, designer, and installer, backing up bulk systems with a full-time cryogenic engineering and service staff.

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Fire Protection Services Full Service Team of Technicians

MWSCO fire protection technicians are nationally certified, making them uniquely qualified to assist your organization in complying with NFPA standards.

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Value Engineering Improve Productivity and Quality

We provide an in-depth audit to identify cost reduction opportunities and develop exceptional value-added process and training solutions designed to meet your individual needs.

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Vendor Managed Inventory Never Run Out of Supplies

Reduce inventory costs by 20-40% or more, through increased accountability, tighter access controls, and 100% inventory accuracy with 24/7 unmanned availability.

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History of MWSCO

Dedicated to Customer Success Since 1939

Founded in 1939, Mississippi Welders Supply Company takes its name from the Mississippi River, along which its first stores were located.  This tri-state area was served by a network of dedicated driver-salesmen, covering SE Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and NE Iowa.  Our current 12 locations extend well beyond the river valley, and allow us to continue to serve our growing customer base.

Absolute Air Reliable Gas Supply

A co-operative of independent gas and welding supply companies offering competitive gas and cryogenic solutions for our customers.

Next Level Welding LightWELD Laser Welding

Laser welding is quickly gaining the attention of manufacturers and fabricators. Anyone can weld with repeatable, high-quality results! See for yourself.

Addressing Labor Shortages Welding Automation and Robotics

Solving the welding labor shortage problem requires innovation and advancement. Let MWSCO bring you solutions to get production up to meet your demand.