This system in its most dense (smallest) bin size configuration provides for up to 987 bins in roughly the same footprint as our other equivalent RoboCrib® machines or other competing vending machines. Our patented plastic bin shelf system, mated with the incredibly flexible tambour style door, gives the machine the ability to virtually eliminate vertical bin “height” waste that is common with fixed door machines. The RoboCrib® TX750 is the first machine that was specifically designed to dispense square or rectangular boxes or packages. This practically eliminates the need for repackaging items to fit in helix coil machines or carousels that use pie shaped bins.


  • 24-7 availability with accountability
  • No repackaging required
  • Quickly configure on-site: Plastic shelves can be reconfigured in minutes without tools
  • Dispense square or rectangular boxes or packages
  • No bulk stocking required. Use 100% of the machine’s space! Stock as many or as few SKUs as you want.
  • Issue delicate items without dropping
  • Fast issue time 10 seconds or less!
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Control reconditioned items and force regrinds first
  • Universal search: Find any item plant-wide!
  • Gauge Management: Deny access to a gauge that has fallen out of calibration
  • User Access: Fingerprint, proximity cards, key fobs, mag-stripe cards, barcodes, keypad/PINs. You can use your existing employee badges!
  • Optional: Caster wheels make it easy to relocate your machines where you want them


  • Over 200 standard reports!
  • or Client-Server: Cloud managed services or secured internal network
  • EDI: Advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI
  • ERP system support: Interface with many popular ERP systems (SAP, Prophet 21, JDE, Baan, etc…)
  • Alerts: Get inventory alerts and email reports to any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Seamlessly Connect: Use it with existing AutoCrib® systems or use it as a stand alone system