This smart locker system is designed to be a modular storage and tracking solution. Our rack mounted approach lets you build a custom configured locker system for the unique needs of your company and purchase only what you call for. No need to purchase excess lockers and use up valuable floor space. See-through windows with bright LED lighting allow the user to quickly identify the items they want and then issue them through an intuitive touch-screen user interface. Multistate LED status lights communicate which items are out on the floor and the status of the items inside the lockers.


  • Easily reconfigure.
  • Special locker drawers available for laptops, tablets, and eTools.
  • Optional Features:
    • 110V power outlets for keeping equipment and other items fully charged while in the locker. Additionally, they have the ability to issue only items that are fully charged or with the most remaining battery life before low battery items.
    • Individual cooling fans and filtration systems to keep e-tools clean and cool.
    • Supported network cabling allows you to push updates and virus definitions to laptops, equipment, and e-tools.


The AutoLocker FX Scale uses weight-based sensing technology to calculate how much of your inventory has been removed. Inventory quantity will automatically adjust once the transaction is completed. This scaling system helps reduce stocking time and allows for automatic reordering when stock gets low (dependent on minumum weight quantity).

  • High quality scales eliminate the need to count small items by hand and reduce restocking time.
  • Can be configured with or without standard locker doors.
  • Support up to 5 lbs., 25 lbs., or 50 lbs. per scale depending on configuration.


  • Stand alone or add-on a RoboCrib®
  • High-resolution 19” (48cm) touch display
  • Up to 125 doors/drawers per controller
  • Large see-through windows provide maximum visibility
  • LED lighting clearly illuminates the product inside
  • Informative status lights on each locker door or drawer
  • Motor driven latches reduce jamming and maintenance
  • Lockers can be numbered per the customer’s requirement
  • Optional: Caster wheels make it easy to relocate lockers where you want them
  • Power: 100-240VAC-50/60HZ, 2A/1.0A MAX