Mississippi Welders Supply Co.

Welding Supplies

Our range of welding supplies includes filler metals, gas cutting and welding,
soldering and brazing, fume extractors, MIG/TIG welding consumables,
plasma cutters, welding machines, work benches and much more. LEARN MORE

Welding Helmets

We offer a wide range of welding helmets and accessories. Options include auto darkening, fixed shade, and leather. LEARN MORE


Personal protection equipment (PPE) includes foot protection, heat stress protection,
ear protection, head protection, welding curtains, NFPA 2112 safety apparel, safety
glasses, bibs, face shields, welding blankets and much more. LEARN MORE


Whatever your application, we've got your gas. From small cylinders to on-site
bulk delivery, we can provide any number of gases or gas mixes. LEARN MORE

Dry Ice

We have dry ice available for common use as an expendable refrigerant to
ship frozen food or medical products or to cool materials during production.


Our range of abrasives includes wire brushes, grinding wheels, sanding discs,
flapwheels, non-woven abrasives, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and much more. LEARN MORE

Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

Our range of adhesives, sealants and tapes include products from leading manufacturers
to meet the most routine to the most extreme application requirements.

Hand Tools

Our range of hand tools includes concrete and masonry tools, tool sharpeners,
files, putty knives and scrapers, multi-purpose hand tool sets, pipe threading
equipment, extractors, pliers and cutters, pullers, insert bits and holders and much more. LEARN MORE

Power Tools

Our range of power tools includes finishing tools, bearing heaters, saws,
magnetic drills, cordless tools, batteries and chargers, cutting tools, drilling and
fastening tools, miscellaneous routing and trimming tools, heating tools and
much more. LEARN MORE


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View a full listing of our leading manufacturers. LEARN MORE



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