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Today we start transitioning our stores into Phase 2 of re-opening. You will see some more changes when you walk into one of our retail stores. There will be a limit of 5 customers allowed in the store at any time and certain items like PPE, welding helmets and gloves will remain blocked off. Customers will be allowed to walk throughout the store but will be kept at a 6' distance from our sales counters. Face coverings are welcome but not required. We continue to ask that if you are not feeling well or under the age of 16 please do not come in our store. Call ahead or from the parking lot and we will gladly provide you with curbside delivery. Not all stores will be transitioning today. Please be patient as we work through this transition over the next several days. Lastly, our store hours will be changing.  We will be open from 7am-4pm. 


COVID-19 Update
We are continuing to monitor the ever changing situation with COVID-19 and have decided to make some changes at our retail locations.  We are taking a phased approach to re-opening our branches.  Phase 1 started this morning with allowing customers to enter the stores again with several safety precautions in place.  Customers will be limited to a small part of the showroom just inside the entrance and there will be a limit of 2 customers allowed in the stores at a time.  We ask everyone to practice physical distancing while inside the store and where possible we will have separate entrance and exit doors to keep foot traffic heading in one direction.  We ask for your patience as we work through these changes.  We expect to adjust and adapt as we continue on a path to completely re-open our showroom.  Thank you to all of our valued customers who continue to support us.  Rest assured that we will continue to have the products and services that you expect from us. 

Cylinder Decontamination
At MWS we value the safety of our teams and our customers.  To this extent the MWS team has begun cleaning all cylinders returned from customers with an alcohol based cleaner.  These cylinders will be cleaned at our branch locations before being sent to our fill plant and cleaned again once they reach the fill plant.  We hope everyone is staying safe and well.


Effective Monday 3/23 at 7:00am all MWS retail locations will be closed to the general public.  We do have sales staff working.  We will be working with phone-in or curbside pickup orders only.  Retail store hours will be Monday-Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm.  When you get to our retail store locations there will be a posting on the door with our phone number.  Please call in and a sales associate will help you with your order.  If you have an open charge account your order will be invoiced to you.  If you are a COD customer we will gladly take your credit card information over the phone.  We will pull your order and set it outside for you to pick up.  We appreciate your cooperation as we work through this difficult situation.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe while keeping our customers supplied with the products needed to keep your businesses running. 



To our valued customers and business partners:
One of the core values of MWS is the safety of our customers and our team members. During this unprecedented time we are working diligently to keep the products we deliver, our team members and our customer’s employees as safe as possible. We are following CDC and government guidelines and sanitizing our retail stores as often as possible. We have instructed our team members to maintain their 6 foot safety zone around others and to remain isolated as much as possible. We are currently open for business and doing everything we can to keep our stores stocked with the products you depend on. We are seeing some inventory related outages of high demand PPE items such as respirators, face shields and latex gloves. Other common welding related items and gases are in stock and in good supply.

Deliveries and Customer Contact:
We ask that when our delivery personnel are at your location we limit the amount of contact they have with your employees. If you have special delivery or visitor policies please share those with us so we can comply with your requests. We would prefer to have no contact and deliver products to your dock. We will not require signatures on delivery documents until further notice. If possible we ask that you leave cylinders on your dock or other designated area so they can be exchanged without making contact. We have begun pre-calling customers in order to deliver products and limit the amount of time spent at your location. If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 with one of your employees we ask that you share that information with us so we can collectively come up with a plan to keep you, the customer, supplied and to keep our team members safe. Outside sales staff has been advised to work from home and make contact using email, text messaging or phone calls but are available to help and come to your location upon request. Our automation team continues to work hard to meet customer demands are available to come to your location.
The American spirit is like none other and our great country will get through this as we always have. We hope to be back to business as usual soon. In the meantime, enjoy the extra time you have with your family and stay positive.

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