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Medical gas Supplier

When the quality of the product and compliance with tight tolerances is critically important, you need high purity gases. We use highly advanced analytical equipment, thoroughly trained lab technicians, and the highest quality source gases to ensure our products meet customer and industry specifications.

Medical Gases

Aerobic Mixtures
Blood Gas Mixtures
Breathing Air
Lung Diffusion Mixtures
Nitrous Oxide
Sterilant Gases


Our specialty gas laboratory has been certified as conforming to PurityPlus® quality standards, allowing us to offer a unique line of certified specialty gas and rare gas products from our headquarters in Winona, MN.

We provide everything from ultra-high purity and research-grade pure gases and mixtures, to medical-grade and EPA protocol blends. All PurityPlus products are filled under stringent quality controls. Our highly trained technicians are provided with the latest technology and the capacity to detect, identify and quantify gas components. PurityPlus’ exacting standards mean dependable, high-purity products with every delivery.

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Bulk Systems

We are a systems supplier, designer, and installer, backing up bulk systems with a full-time cryogenic engineering and service staff. When your gas consumption has grown to a larger volume, MWSCO can provide the efficiency and economy of bulk gas storage and dispensing systems from bulk cylinders to on-site generation systems.

Cryogenic Engineering

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