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Automated Vending Solutions

MWS is an authorized distributor of AutoCrib industrial vending solutions. Though this partnership we are able to deliver the world’s broadest line of automated inventory vending systems (software and machines) for a variety of users who want to provide 24/7 unmanned availability to inventory while maintaining complete access control and 100% inventory accuracy. AutoCrib software provides real-time information on all inventory in the system. Customers dramatically reduce inventory costs by 20-40%, or more, through increased accountability and tighter access controls.

The MWS Advantage:

MWS has been an AutoCrib distributor for several years and has done numerous installations of AutoCrib systems. MWS offers the complete package. We help customers select the “right” equipment for the application. Plus we do the installation, training, restocking, maintenance and service and provide reports as requested.

Benefits of Vending

      • Manage the total annual spend of vended supplies to produce an estimated annual savings of 20-40%.
      • Accountability - find out how or why inventory is being used.
      • Save supervisor time opening locked cabinets.
      • Save operator time looking for supervisor to unlock cabinets.
      • Increase inventory accuracy
      • Understand usage as opposed to purchase information –reports by employee, cost center, job - this can provide valuable insight into training issues, consolidation of items and accurate allocation of costs.
      • Eliminate stock outs and unnecessary freight charges with automatic and efficient re-ordering.

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Jon Schiller
Vending Machine Specialist
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Cell: (507) 450-6826

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