Mississippi Welders Supply Co.

Value Engineering Program

In Depth Process Audit

The in depth process audit is first in the design of our Value Engineering Program. We use an open total approach reviewing and documenting every aspect of your manufacturing which allows us to identify both the visible and hidden costs in your production. By applying the findings from an in depth audit directly in your production we can identify cost reduction opportunities and develop exceptional value added welding, cutting, process and training solutions designed to meet your individual needs.

The in depth audit can evaluate the overall production flow, from material delivery to finished product, or it can be an analysis of one particular welding station or procedure. Based on the results from the audit our focus will be to deliver and integrate the best solution offering with cost savings and process improvement.

Improved profitability, safety and knowledge

Our expert sales and technical team is at your disposal to perform the audit adding value to your business by identifying the true source of cost reductions with:

      • Improved productivity
      • Better total economy
      • Improved quality
      • Greater process knowledge
      • Safer environment

New opportunities to increase revenues with:

      • Increased quality and capacity
      • New or expanded processes and product sales
      • The growth of your employees productivity and knowledge

AWS/ASME Code work

2 Certified Welding Inspectors on staff to support your qualification and procedure process

Process Support and improvement:

      • Automation
      • Efficiency
      • Equipment
      • Consumables

Mississippi Welders Supply Training:

  • Safety in welding and cutting
      • Gas apparatus
      • Cylinder handling
      • Electricity
  • Basic metallurgy
  • Fundamentals
      • Power sources
      • Wire delivery
      • General weld inspection
      • Shielding gases
  • Process
      • GMAW
      • GTAW
      • SMAW
      • Aluminum

**Customized training for your specific needs also available**

For more information, contact:

Mark Powers
Value Engineer
(507) 459 2398


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