Mississippi Welders Supply Co.

ADMIRAL CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Top rank in the XFORCE line-up, the Admiral commands this industrial plasma cutting table using the Flashcut Industrial CAD-CAM-CNC program, and features the Stingray Torch Height Controller to maintain a precise distance between the plasma torch and your work – producing smooth edges, sharp details and high precision. It can be used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal in any 2D graphics. Systems include your choice of table size, power source with machine torch and CPC, and plasma cutting fluid.

Prices Starting at: $32,957




Exclusive to the Admiral Series:

★  Electronics are Manufactured Solely in the USA
★  Water Level Controlled Pneumatically
★  Fanless Industrial Computer for Adverse Conditions
★  Industrial Motor Wiring
★  1000 IPM Rapid Speed
★  10 inch Clearance Under Gantry
★  True Shape AUTO Nesting
★  THC Auto-off Prevents Diving while Crossing a Previous Cut
★  Automatic Lead-in on Restart
★  THC Performance History Chart
★  Progress Meter Gives estimated time of cut completion
★  Motor Current Sensing
★  Flashcut Industrial CAD-CAM-CNC Program
★  Windows Operating System
★  Stingray Digital Torch Height Control
★  High Output NEMA 34 Motor for High Amps and Voltage

Common features on all XFORCE tables:

★  Collision Detection
★  Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing)
★  Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch)
★  5" Over-sized Cut Area for Easy Material Placement
★  Table Under Storage
★  Ball Screw Z Axis
★  Roller Ball Assisted Loading
★  Battery Backup and Surge Protection
★  Operator Station / Computer Cabinet
★  Helical Gears
★  Welded Frame and Adjustable Feet to Level
★  Industrial Bearing for Long Life and Rigidity



  • 4 X 8
  • 5 X 10
  • 6 X 12


  • Powermax 85 XP
  • Powermax 105 XP
  • Powermax 125 XP

  Hypertherm Powermax Comparison Chart


Hand Pendant System

  • Control virtually every aspect of your Flashcut based machine from the palm of you hand.

LASER Pointer

  • Precisely and easily align and locate you torch

Pneumatic Air Scribe

  • Rigid Aluminum Mount with Linear Rail
  • Adjustable up/down pressure, and hammer strength 
  • Valves located on back of computer cabinet 

Router Mount, Programming, Wiring

  • You will need to supply spill board

​ClearPath® Servo System

  • Travel from one end of the table in under 4 seconds
  • Rapids of 1800 IPM
  • Closed loop system

OXY Torch

  • Cut up to 8" thick steel with Victor MT310 Machine Torch
  • Flash Cut 2D Cad Cam CNC Pro 9 With Enhanced OXY Fuel Features
  • Reverse Flow Check Valves supplied

​Rotary Cutter

  • Cuts 5” tube right on your plasma table. 4 jaw chucks included to cut round tube.
  • CNC Rotary Support -needed for pipe cutting
  • Upgrade from 4- axis to 5 axis on existing 8 amp box