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LightWeld 1500 Laser Welding System

  • Faster welding and increased productivity
  • High-quality, consistent results
  • Minimal distortion, undercut or burn-through.
  • Less scrap and lower cost-per-part

Laser power up to 1500 W is easily adjusted with intuitive controls to quickly dial in optimum weld settings for various materials and thicknesses. With 74 stored preset and user-defined process parameters, novice welders can be trained and welding in a matter of hours. Select stored modes provide up to 2500 W of high peak power for even greater welding capability. MWSCO is your LightWELD authorized dealer, sales and service for Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, in areas including Decorah, Mankato, Red Wing, Rochester, Winona, Altoona, Hudson, La Crosse, Madison, Marshfield, and Rothschild.

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Unlike traditional methods, welding fixtures are simpler or not needed with LightWELD. Metals do not need to be pre-brushed or ground completely clean, and even novices can reliably weld materials with dissimilar thicknesses and high/low electrical conductivity. LightWELD welds dissimilar metals of different thicknesses with ease and creates aesthetic high-strength joints with minimal or no consumable wire.

Advantages of Laser Welding
LightWeld vs Traditional Welding Methods