Mississippi Welders Supply Co.

Clean Air Solutions

MWSCO has teamed with some of the best manufacturers of weld fume extraction and ventilation equipment to bring customers dependable ventilation, extraction, and collection solutions -- on time and within budget.

Improve health, safety, and productivity with weld fume extraction systems. Knowledgeable MWSCO staff will assist in the evaluation of the environment to identify necessary requirements to meet safety goals.

Types of Products:

  • Industrial Dust, Fume, and Mist Collectors
  • Weld Fume Extraction Systems
  • Portable, Mobile, and Compact Extraction Units
  • Stationary Filters
  • Extraction Arms
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems
  • Ambient Air Cleaners


  • Manufacturing Weld Stations
  • Plasma Operations
  • Laser Welding
  • Open Floor Welding
  • Vocational Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Metal Workshops

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